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What Is The Difference Between Percale and Sateen?

If you’ve been shopping for sheets lately, you’ve probably heard the terms “percale” and “sateen” thrown around quite a lot. Some people think that they’re a type of fiber, while others know the truth: these are both fabric weaves, not fibers themselves.

The type of weave that you want for your bed sheets is important, since you can get different feels and temperature effects out of them.

Here are the differences between percale and sateen sheets.

What Is Percale?

Percale is a standard criss-cross weave pattern and has a 1:1 ratio: 1 warp over for every 1 weft over. This weave is light, soft, and breathes well, so you’re guaranteed to sleep much cooler with percale sheets than other types. They’re great for summer months when you want to be able to keep the A/C down.

What Is Sateen?

Sateen weave is known for its shine and silkiness; it’s essentially a satin weave, but made with cotton instead of silk or synthetic fabrics. The warp threads only overlap the weft threads every so often, not every single time like they do in percale weave. It doesn’t breathe as well as percale weave and is heavier, so this weave is better for colder climates and winter months than for summertime use. These also don’t need to be ironed.