Getting Rid of Mold

One of the very worst things that any homeowner can deal with is that of water damage. Water damage is a very frustrating thing because it comes in so many different forms. One of the absolute worst forms that it takes on is that of black mold. Black mold is a serious hazard when it makes its way into your home because it Can have serious, nasty side effects on both your health as well as the structural integrity of your home. Here is what black mold can do to your home and what you can do about it.

What It Does To Your Home

One of the worst things that mold can do to your home is it that it can actively destroy your home. When mold first latches on it will begin to discolor your walls. You will eventually notice that an abrasive and musty odor is starting to develop. Before long you will find that the mold is starting to actually eat away at your walls and cause some serious damage. This is because black mold is an extremely corrosive substance that can actually weaken the structural integrity of your home’s wooden foundation. If the wooden structure of your home is compromised it then poses a serious physical risk to your family. If you think you have mold damage in your home you need to call in an expert from Damage Control 911.

What It Does To Your Health

The way black mold spreads in your home is by emitting tiny, microscopic black mold spores. These spores are attracted to any surface that has heat and moisture. Unfortunately that makes your body a prime candidate for mold growth. While the mold spores are in the air there is a huge chance that you could accidentally inhale some. This can make you incredibly sick or even possibly kill you. If you suspect there is mold growth in your home you need to call in an expert from this link to take care of it:

Here is a video that will further show you how to deal with mold in your home.